Investing in People

Stepan Company is committed to fostering workplace safety, supporting employee well-being, creating a workplace built on respect and continued professional development. 

Our ability to focus on meeting customer needs and addressing today’s challenges depends upon being an employer that attracts top talent and offers the opportunity for long term growth and leadership development. Stepan understands the importance of employee training and development. We promote employee development through numerous programs that keep us current and competitive in the market while honing in on bolstering competencies required for leading tomorrow. Stepan's Leadership Development Program is one example. Twenty-two individuals recently graduated from this 14-month program aimed at cultivating leadership skils through several learning events, rigorous online courses, group action learning projects and individual coaching lessons.

Along with ensuring our employees are equipped with the right skills, the safety of our employees and the communities in which we operate is a priority. Stepan invests in behavior-based and task-based safety programs with an expectation that our global workforce will establish the behaviors and habits that promote safety awareness, thoughtful action and responsiveness.

Across our organization, employees are encouraged to find ways to live and work more sustainably and to engage meaningfully in their communities. Healthy living choices such as carpooling or biking to work, recycling and participating in health and wellness events are encouraged and supported. In 2019, Stepan sponsored a Community Outreach Grant program and made financial contributions to eight organizations identified by our employees as impactful to their communities.

Stepan embraces our responsibility to be a strong corporate partner. The company promotes science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning, with the goal of developing the next generation of talented scientists and engineers. Employees also volunteer at local organizations to promote education and support those in need. In 2019, Stepan sponsored the Congress of Physics and Chemistry Teachers in Grenoble, France. The goal of the congress was to present jobs in the chemical industry and help teachers promote the sciences to their students. Teachers were invited to tour our labs and manufacturing facility in Voreppe, France to learn about Stepan’s operations and the career opportunities that are available. 

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Community Outreach

We take pride in engaging with communities where we operate to address local needs, promote STEM education, and serve as a responsible corporate partner. 

Human and Labor Rights

Within our supply chain, we support efforts to drive best practices with regards to human rights and labor practices.

Continuous Improvement

Stepan participates in frameworks that assess our performance related to human rights and labor practices.

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