At Stepan, we aspire to innovate with impact and foresight to develop essential solutions for our customers around the world. We achieve this through trust and collaboration, by having an agile and curious mindset, and by applying excellent science and technology to drive the sustainability and growth goals of Stepan and our customers.

Stepan’s Research and Development

We draw upon our combined expertise, technical diversity and creativity to deliver value. Our ambition is to innovate with foresight and impact, bring science to sustainability, and turn local insights into global solutions. 


Stepan R&D at a Glance*

*As of June 2020

See how Stepan blazes new trails

Advancing Hair Conditioning

Today's consumers want more from their hair conditioners. Stepan's novel esterquats for hair conditioning were developed to fulfill their performance requirements and demand for readily biodegradable and lower toxicity ingredients.

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Formulating Dry Flowables

As the focus on sustainable products and processes increases across the agricultural industry, dry flowable formulations, including water dispersible granules and wettable powders are well suited to help agriculture formulators address new or ongoing requirements.

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Enhancing Customer Support

Providing formulation support across global locations can be costly and challenging. Stepan Company recognized this need and created global collaboration labs to provide customers the formulation assistance they are looking for.

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Optimizing PIR Lamination

The Stepan Polymer Technical Service and Development Team collaborates with customers to understand their current production process and goals and develop a solution utilizing Stepan’s polyol chemistries and process optimization.

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